The Aleto Foundation Leadership Programme

What is the Leadership Programme?

The Aleto Foundation Leadership Programme is a multi-day intensive series of workshops, seminars, mentoring and networking designed to provide elements and ingredients that go into shaping leadership success. It gives high calibre students a sample of and/or access to the type of resources that enable successful leaders, such as:

  • Tools to raise your self-awareness i.e MBTI
  • Others to collaborate with as colleagues/team members, mentors etc
  • Role models to be inspired by – Students are split into groups of 10 and assigned one mentor and a buddy.
  • You experience speakers throughout the duration of the programme
  • You get the opportunity to meet and talk to representatives from the host company.

Why do we do it? The core objective of the Aleto Foundation (a UK registered charity) is to help young people up to the age of 25 to advance in life by providing support and resources which assist in developing their skills, capacities, capabilities, talents and achievements to enable them to fully participate in society as independent, mature and world-class professionals.

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Claud Williams, Chief Ambassador’s advice to students who apply for a place on the Leadership Programme is to take their application very seriously because competition for places has become extremely competitive. Attending the programme – as many can testify – is potentially “a life-changing experience”.

Screening Stage: During the interview candidates needed to provide clear examples of when, where and how you have showcased leadership, in roles in and/or outside of university. This can be in the form of setting up a committee or initiative which has achieved something notable recognition or has changed or improved the lives of others, heading up a project that has given back to the community, seeing a problem or issue at university or somewhere else and coming up with a solution to this which benefits others or changes things positively, running a successful innovative business, coming up with forward-thinking lesson plans or new and effective way of learning for the mentoring of other students, or anything else in this vein. The key word here is: ‘Leadership’ and all examples should reflect this.